Dancing Queen

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Women deserve the passion they read about in novels from their spouses and partners. Why are there so many lustful novels if not for the desire in real life twinkle? The men in many women’s lives fail them, and fail them terribly. When a woman is ignored or envies the experience of other women on the lusty, teasing page, she lashes out with a cycle of disappointment and resentment that manifests into relationship destruction. It is the man’s responsibility, even in a world of woman striving for equality, to woo his woman and make her joyful in their relationship. Her joy is your joy, with mutually fulfilling loving outcomes. A woman is a flower that desires to be explored. Men are the bees to savor the sweet nectar and pollenate the beauty of the world. Feed your relationship as flowers feed the bee; today we start with the nectar of dancing.

Dance with your companion to celebrate how wonderful two bodies can rhyme. Dancing is an expression of love that honors your partner. It reveals that your playfulness is open for her to explore, no matter if you dance like Fred Astaire or Barney. Dancing demonstrates that you will please her even in an uncomfortable situation where you may think strangers are judging you. Surrender your other interests to please her, leave the drink on the table and watching the sports game to the unromantic. Every woman wants to be a dancing queen, and it is your job to be her movie star. She won’t judge your performance but will applaud the attempt.

When dancing is a part of your companionship, the dancing expression of love differs with the diversity of shared tunes. A slow Michael Bublé song intensifies the smell of her neck, and your third sense, touch, intertwines with soft, tingling electric impulses. Eighties jumping punk like The Clash or Ramones frees the individual to be expressive, yet joins the dancers unknowingly to a mutual staccato. Abba and disco, once hated, unleashes Travolta-like egotistical moves that even performed as a neophyte can fire up the dreams of slender youth. Tango, and who can really tango, or salsa never learned, drives sexual passions sky-high as you imitate the red rose clenched in white teeth while pheromone-charged sweat drops gently down your forehead and fogs your glasses. Play your man guitar freely as you did with a baseball bat or hockey stick decades ago, and she will be your keyboard player or groupie jiving to your Clapton tune. Swing West Coast or East Coast to Benny Goodman’s “In the Mood,” and trip over your feet while you perform a double twist and grip each other falling to the floor in laughter. Do the worm to the Isley Brothers’ “Shout,” writhe to Sly and the Family Stone, line dance to Garth Brooks, waltz to Johann Strauss, and reggae in passion to Bob Marley, the music for nights of hot muggy still air and human beings in love gyrating gently to the Caribbean beat.

Trust me, I am the luckiest man alive to have had two women who watched me make a fool of myself as I stepped on their feet or tripped on a missed dance sequence. Or maybe I am the smartest man for taking full advantage of the gift dance brings to any relationship. As you cook in the kitchen, a song slips in and interrupts spousal complacency, and loving is remembered when you take her hand to dance in the dining room. In private, you unknowingly practice overcoming your inhibitions to dance. On vacation, your best friend feels as special as Ginger Rogers or Beyoncé when you two flaunt your moves at the men making grave mistakes not to join in. Grasp your child when they press between your companion and your three bodies will share the loving feeling. Children who learn to dance with their weightless feet plastered on top of the parent’s feet also learn togetherness and trust. Braving the dance floor makes others held back by an unknown fear one step away from joining you. Wild teenage memories reawaken your lost freedom and laughter when you see a street or park musician. Dancing unmasked in the grass or on the sidewalk to the strumming of a street musician will dissolve your mature way of life as the birds watch your expressions of coupling. Love blossoms freely when you place a dollar bill of homage in the musician’s hat next to the instrument case. Dancing embraces the couple’s love and never ends, for dance is creativity and creativity is perpetual.

Men, start dancing! Your life and love will forever be graced. With each dance you will explore the intimacy with your partner as new giggles between you emerge even after decades of familiarity. For women, share this article with your companion if want more in your relationship. You may want to ask a friend, professional, or inner Divine guidance before taking the plunge to awaken your spouse to your desires. If this article spices up only one relationship with a new expression of devotion, then I have been successful.


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