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Love, Loss, and Awakening book cover
Love, Loss, and Awakening book cover
Love, Loss, and Awakening book cover


Chapter 2 reprinted from Love, Loss, and Awakening

The Yarn, Part I - Minwax of Fruitwood and Purple

The Yarn, Part II - "Mr. Rooster, The One That Used to Wake Me Up At 3AM" 

Dancing Queen

The Awakening - Part I

Serpent Tongue

Chapter 9 reprinted from

Love, Loss, and Awakening

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Amazon Customer Review  |  
"Wholly Recommended"


This isn't a very long read but I feel sure I will return to it many times. I can wholly relate to the author's feelings and he has managed to put them in words that have so far eluded me. For far too long I have struggled with guilt and and how to move forward in my life and feel that this book has addressed many of the feelings that have left me feeling terribly conflicted. I can't recommend enough.

Visit  |  March 14, 2017
John Polo is a widower, stepdad, speaker and aspiring author. Somehow, through loss and horrific tragedy, John became a better man.
Chanticleer Book Reviews  |  February 8, 2017


Freed's story elicits vividly painful and, ultimately, a broad redemptive spectrum of emotions--restorative and inspirational! A heartfelt and profound account of confronting the death of a beloved spouse, "Love, Loss, and Awakening" combines pathos, humor, and gutsy truth from a survivor's direct vantage point.

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